Attracting Love



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If you think being single sucks, and if you want to get lucky in love, come join my free live training on Thursday 18 November.

A year ago, I was single and so sick of trying to mingle.

Thanks to Covid and isolating for so long, my main interaction with potential dates was online.

I was sick of small talk on tinder, stalking random crushes on Instagram and eventually meeting up with a potential match who literally used a profile photo of themselves from about FIVE YEARS ago!
Come on peeps, let’s just #bereal.
I was going on a few dates, which were unsuccessful and I really wanted to meet the partner of my dreams, but I was tired of putting so much wasted energy into someone else whom I hadn’t met yet.

So, instead of working hard to find my lover, I worked hard to become a match with my lover and we found each other with effortless ease.

A year later, our relationship gets better everyday.


If you want to figure out why you’re single, and what the heck to do to change this, come and join me on Thursday 18 November, 7 pm South Africa Time, 5 pm UK time.

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