Step into your Power and live life on your terms.
Fully Accept And Embrace every part of who you are.
Live with Passion and Purpose and a zest for life!
Connect to a Sisterhood and feel support and love.


  • Are you overwhelmed by the voice in your head questioning everything you say, think, and feel?
  • Do you turn to everyone else for their opinions instead of trusting yourself?
  • Are you anxious about the future, worrying about how life will unfold and if you are ‘doing it right?’
  • Do you want to mute your inner critic and turn up your inner best friend?
  • Are you tired of caring what others think of you and prioritising them over yourself?
  • Do you have desires and aspirations and want to live a more exciting life… But you can’t seem to stick to your goals?
  • Are you ready to shift this and reclaim your inner power and live life on your terms?



I used to be that girl, who always felt she needed to be more, do more, and achieve more!

I was a perfectionist, a planner, and a go-getter and while I achieved some bad-ass tangible goals, and had a life I should be proud of, I completely lost touch with who I really was.

​I felt I needed to always improve myself,  impress others and search for external validation, and one day…

I found myself on the kitchen floor crying, feeling so lost, so confused, not knowing what direction to turn!

​ For years I was living in my head, feeling disconnected from my heart! I thought that external things would make me happy but still, I wasn’t completely fulfilled and I was always searching for more!

​It wasn’t until I went on a deep inner journey of self-discovery, and realisation that I began to feel content, energised, and immense joy from the inside out.

​I shifted my awareness from my outer world to my inner world.
I exchanged forcing with flowing.
I took responsibility for my life.
I controlled my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
I started living in the present moment instead of worrying about the future.
I invited more ease and fun into my life
And without trying so hard, things magically started to shift around me!


Always put others first and forget to prioritise yourself.
Feel like you have ‘lost yourself’ in your relationships, your career, and not clear on who you are.
Feel overwhelmed, understimulated, and wanting something more.
Know it’s time to change but need help in what direction to turn.
Lack self-confidence and self-belief to take big risks and have big rewards.
Criticise yourself for never being enough and can’t seem to shut up the mean-girl in your mind.
Are not happy with the body you are in and crave to love yourself unconditionally.
Want a sisterhood, a tribe, and a community of strong women by your side!
Are ready to step into the version of yourself you’ve always wished you could be.


​Identify blocks that are holding you back, keeping you in a cycle of self-sabotage and self-destruction.
Uncover who you are, what you want, and how to get it.
Work on specific action steps to take you from dreaming to achieving your goals.
Build such strong self-confidence to say what you want to say and do what you want to do.
Generate soulful, lasting, inner happiness- never needing to search for validation from others.
Become the best, most energised, enthusiastic, happy version of yourself.
Create boundaries, know your values, and raise your self-worth.
Become a magnet for more love, happiness, greater relationships, money, joy, and fun!
Learn to love the life you are living right now, so you realise you already have it all!





Be Your Own Hero changed the way I see myself and the life that I live.

Each week took me on a new journey of self-discovery and the realizations that I had have honestly been life-changing! 

Being a part of this course with 3 other amazing women was inspiring and comforting as we were all in the process together  

This course has opened my eyes to see the beauty, the strength, and the energy that I possess within myself and that is just so exciting!! I am so much more aware of everything around me and the thoughts that run through me and I feel so much more empowered and confident because of it!

I am ready to take on the world, to shine my light on those that I meet! ️

Thank you Nikki for helping me reignite this fire within me!


My experience on this program with Nikki was quite literally life-changing!

I entered this program thinking I knew who I was, but was just lacking a bit of self-love and confidence… until I realised that, through loving myself completely, was only when I discovered every single inch of me in order to BE!

​Be Your Own Hero was one of the most transformational 3 months for me, and, regardless of what age, stage of your life, or what you think you want/need to work on, this is a programme that every single person will relate to and benefit from.

Thank you Nikki, and to all the other incredible ladies in our group, with who I had the privilege to share this experience.



I finished Be Your Own Hero with Nikki as a completely different person inside. 

​Before, I was in a phase of my life where I felt lost, unhappy, unable to control my emotions, and confused about where to go in life.  ​Now I can confidently say that I feel comfortable in my own skin and filled with gratitude and self-love and on a new path of self-discovery.

Nikki is a ray of sunshine that I looked forward to chatting to in our calls every week and she is full of the wisdom that really makes her an amazing self-love guru!


Nikki is a truly gifted person.

She is able to help you rapidly change your life through her teaching, guidance, and kindness.
She has helped me to move past my fears that were keeping me feeling stuck and lost. With her pure wisdom, she has aided me with figuring out my lifelong pattern of self-doubt. 

After 3 months of diving into my beliefs and fears, I truly believe and know that I have stopped searching for happiness and my worth. I have found my confidence and value which was always there, but never truly known. 

​Thank you Nikki for the Most exhilarating, challenging, and life-changing 3 months.