Become magnetic to your dream man, while feeling more aligned and alive than ever.

I used to desperately scroll through Tinder, feeling so let down, thinking where on Earth am I going to find my match?

I have clients come to me single, alone and who always get their heart broken. They know they want a relationship that is safe, lasting and secure, but also vibrant and sexy at the same time… But they just can’t seem to attract the type of love they desire.

When they implement  our self-love, mindset and energy strategies and focus less on the “dream man” and more on themselves… 

They see shifts happening internally, becoming a women who is powerful, vibrant and sure of what she wants and as a result she attracts this to her.

If you want to say bye-bye to the bad-boy and say hello to the man you can trust, who loves you, respects you and wants to create a life with you, I would love to break it down for you. 

Because if we can have this, there’s no reason why you can’t have this too.

What you’ll learn inside:

  • I am going to break down the exact steps I took to go from single to engaged in 8 months

  • The mindset shifts needed to move you from single to in-love

  • The energy needed to attract love

  • What men find sexy and what they don’t

  • How to maintain a relationship that is fulfilling to you and your partner

  • A dating strategy to move you towards meeting the one

  • How to spot red flags and when to know this is not the one for you


This is not for you if:


You want to play the field and be in short-term hookups or flings.


You need convincing that you deserve a loving relationship.


You’re hanging onto the past and are not ready to break free or create a new reality.


You believe a partner will make you complete and you will only be happy when you have a relationship.

This is for you if:


You are ready to settle down and be committed to one partner and find the love of your life.


You know you deserve a deep, loving relationship, you’re just not sure how to attract it.


You are ready for miracles to happen and open to love, vulnerability and being your authentic self. 


Your life feels so full of abundance, and your dream man will add to your already beautiful life.

About Nikki:

Nikki Loots is a success coach for ambitious women who want to you unlock their highest potential and achieve all their desires in love, money and life.

As an expert in mindset, self-love and manifesting, she knows the formula to help you achieve your big goals and manifest even bigger dreams.

Nikki was wired for success and growing up in a high-performance sporting family, excellence was all around her. In everything she did, she always strived to be the best and at the age of 25, after burning out from the high demands of the luxury super yachting industry, she travelled through South East Asia for 3 years searching for balance, clarity and the meaning of life.

She completed her yoga teacher training in Australia, meditation teacher training in India, learned about tantra and inner healing in Thailand and self-expression and expansion in Bali. 

When Nikki discovered the power of the subconscious mind she saw radical shifts in her life and everything drastically changed for her.

She moved from scarcity to abundance. Single to engaged. Self-doubt to self-love and living her dream life.

These days Nikki lives with her Fiance and puppy in their home amongst the vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She mentors ambitious women who want more from life, guiding them how to unlock your fullest potential by finding the missing piece of the puzzle to step up into bigger success than ever before.