The 8-week self-love group coaching program helping you deepen the relationship you have with yourself.


Ignite Your Life is the new start you’ve been waiting for to start living life on your terms. It’s an inner-growth journey for women who are ready to change their lives by changing the relationship with themselves.

  You’re ready to take things to the next level in your life: To feel dynamic, vibrant and inspired.

 You want to be the kind of woman who knows exactly who you are, feeling independent, self- secure, confident, and speaking your mind because you believe in yourself.

 You want to be your own best friend, and your biggest cheerleader, not caring what anyone else thinks.

 You want to achieve your dreams, make yourself proud, and take happiness into your own hands.

But right now you’re not quite there yet.

 You worry about what other people think of you, and this often keeps playing small.

 You’re deeply kind, and compassionate so you put other’s needs above your own.

 You’ve lost a little part of yourself, not sure how to fully express who you are.

 You compare yourself to others, and think you’re not good enough.

This gets to change!

If you are ready to prioritize yourself, and feel empowered from within…
If you want to grow, and expand with a group of like-minded women, creating community and support.
If you want to build confidence, self-worth and live life on your terms…

Then Honey, you’ve come to the right place!


My signature 8-week self-love group coaching program helping you deepen the relationship you have with yourself.

It’s the program that will help you see yourself as empowered, confident and deserving of your desires, and it will help you realize your personal strengths, step into your authenticity, and bolding prioritize yourself, putting your needs first.

I believe that we are constantly creating our realities, and our
outer-world is a reflection of our inner-world.

That means that when you transform the relationship you have with yourself, building inner-joy, clarity, confidence, and peace, your outer-world starts changing to match who you are.

Whether you are brand new to self-discovery, and self-love, or whether you are feeling disconnected for yourself and need guidance and support to get you back on track, Ignite Your Life is the program that will help you get there.

Take a look at the Ignite Your Life framework

Module 1

Define Your Desires


Module 2

Art of Awareness


Module 3

Mindset Makeover


Module 4



Module 5



Module 6

Manifesting Magic


Module 7

Trust and Intuition


Module 8

Reflect and Redirect


Ignite Your Life is the framework you’ve been looking for to take your power back, feel independent, secure, and start living life on your terms.

It’s an inner-growth, and self-discovery journey for women all over the world who are ready to change their lives by changing the relationship they have with themselves.


Ignite Your Life has transformed my life!

I was signed off sick from work, with burnout, exhaustion, anxiety and depression and I can honestly say it is the BEST INVESTMENT I have ever put in myself.

The transformation in myself – I can’t even tell you how different I feel as a person and how things have been happening and moving for me! I highly recommend doing Ignite Your Life, it was honestly, life changing! Thank you Nikki, it’s been phenomenal! 


I learned that self-love SETS YOU FREE.

I forgave myself and truly learned to love me. There is no love in the world that is more beautiful, nurturing, liberating and exciting than feeling good inside your own skin. To hug yourself and say ‘I love you” I want to scream it from the rooftops!

Witnessing everyone spreading their wings, becoming the best version of themselves, sharing insecurities and self doubt in a safe environment with loving support and heartfelt care…I have goosebumps! It was phenomenal. It really opened up my eyes that I am not alone in whatever burden I am carrying! 


Ignite Your Life has changed my life!

Nikki Loots is magic and the self-love skills and experience I’ve had through taking this course is indescribable.

For the first time in my life, I can wholeheartedly say I feel enough. I feel worthy and I feel another woman’s beauty does not lead me to question my own. I recommend this program for anyone and everyone who is seeking to reclaim love for themselves and their life!



Ignite Your Life highly exceeded my expectations!

It was the best decision to sign up. Before the course I was petrified. I was scared to attend the course, I was scared of everything in my life. Now, I have a lot more confidence and I feel so much better about myself. By feeling better about myself I’ve seen all my relationships improve and I’m enjoying life and people so much more.

I learnt more than I ever expected to, the results have been amazing, and it’s been so life-changing. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.



Nikki has a wealth of knowledge to share and is a huge inspiration with her abundance of positive energy.

Ignite your life gives you the opportunity to not only learn from Nikki but also learn from the other amazing women from around the world with experiences of their own. It felt like a safe, non judgemental haven to share and listen to the experiences of the group.

I would highly recommend this course as a start to your self love journey.



Ignite your life was gifted to me by my best friend because I was going through a breakup and what better way to heal and show yourself love?

The support, love and community helped me through this tough time. Meeting woman from all walks of life, all sharing their own unique stories and learning from one another was such a gift. I’d recommend it to anyone.



What you’ll experience in Ignite Your Life

 Crystal clear clarity on what you really desire in life.

 Identify the negative beliefs holding you back.

 Raise self-worth to believe you are deserving.

 Build self-confidence in every area of your life.

 Shift your energy to manifest the life you desire.

 Create morning routines to set you up for the day.

 Become your own best friend, and biggest supporter.

 Open up to your emotions, process your
feelings and access inner joy

Using years of knowledge, tools, insights, and exercises which I have personally tested, my job is to help you start a rock-solid relationship with yourself so that you can trust your intuition, believe in yourself, and create joy from within.

You are not looking for the light. You are looking for you.

You are the light!

1 MILLION TIMES YES!!! I would you recommend Ignite Your Life to anyone starting their self-love journey!

I forgave myself and truly learned to love me. There is no love in the world that is more You take yourself everywhere you go and into everything you do, now imagine if you could do that while fully loving yourself, with confidence and truly believing in all of your abilities.

Nikki is the best friend we all need in our lives and the work she does has been life-changing for me.


Zhan-Mishal Viviers

Ignite Your Life really does help you to ignite your own spark in your life.

This course taught me to embrace who I am and all the amazing things I can be. Learning and growing with the amazing Nikki as your inspiration and teacher made it that much easier. Nikki has taught me to believe in myself, see things for what they are, breathe and to have a little fun!

This course helped me to see that you have the tools to live the life you want, all you need is a bit of hard work, belief in yourself and a little bit of Nikki Loots magic. I couldn’t recommend this course enough! 


YES and a million times YES again. I would you recommend Ignite Your Life to anyone starting their self-love journey!

Ignite Your Life is the best investment I have ever made!

I started fragile, feeling lost and alone. Now I am an empowered woman ready for my journey of self love, THANK YOU, NIKKI!!

This course allowed me to gain my power back.

It allowed me to say “This is what matters to you, this is what you need and this is what we’re going to do moving forward.”

Having the power to make decisions that are best for you, even when people don’t agree with you, that’s self-love and that’s what I took home from this course. I am forever grateful for the sense of community that I became a part of and the sisterhood that it creates.

Nikki, thank you for your vibration, your high energy and soul! Self-love is what the world needs. It’s what women need. It’s what men need. It’s what we all need, and it’s important. And I am truly grateful to have done the course.

In the beginning of Ignite Your Life I thought I already knew all there was to do with self-love and I didn’t think that I could learn much more.

But after starting the course and just being able to have a community of women and sisters who you can rely on… It was amazing and I learnt so much.

Nikki is an amazing coach. I would recommend Ignite Your Life to anyone looking to start a self-love journey or get to know themselves deeper.


There is no way I can put into words what this journey has meant to me, or to measure the massive amount of inner growth.

All I can say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing up so authentically and guiding us through this process.

I loved EVERYTHING about Ignite Your Life.

I’ve struggled, and laughed, and learned to invite curiosity in. I’ve tapped into a kindness towards myself that I didn’t know was there and learned to truly celebrate who I am.

Through it all, I started feeling a sense of calm and acceptance that I haven’t felt for years. My life on the outside still looks exactly the same, but I am completely different and it has changed everything. Nikki not only teaches you skills you can use day to day, but instills a feeling of possibility and hope for the future.

What also makes this course really special is a feeling of comradery that strengthens as you share and connect in the group. Everyone brought something unique to the experience, and I resonated with everyone’s struggles and stories in different ways. Most importantly, I think we realized that none of us are alone.

It has been an incredible journey overall, and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend it to others.

Nikki, you have literally changed my life (or rather, my mindset). I am so grateful I took the plunge and signed up, I don’t regret it for one moment!



What’s a Beauty like you get when
you say yes to Ignite Your Life?


  • Each week we will unpack a new topic where you’ll learn the steps and tools needed to build a relationship with yourself.



  • In these live calls we will dive deeper into each topic and you’ll receive answers, support, and personalised guidance. This is your live weekly energy boost from me, including connection and support from the women in the group.



  • This group allows you to share success stories, ask questions, receive ongoing inspiration and connect with me and your Ignite Your Life sisters between calls for 8 weeks.



  • These worksheets help you dive deeper into inner growth, supporting the training videos, and helping you uncover who you are and what you want.


  • Set your vision for the course and track your growth and how far you’ve come.



  • (With personalized action steps and guidance.)



  • Keeping you on track of your weekly goals, and encouraging and supporting you along the way.








Dive into the 8-recorded Ignite Your Life Modules in your own time, with life-time access.

These life-changing topics will help you reconnect to yourself, what you really want and share the tools to live an empowering life.


Perfect for you if you aren’t ready to invest in the full Ignite Your Life


Enjoy the full Ignite Your Life experience including:
-8-recorded modules
-8 x 90min live weekly group coaching calls with Nikki
-A supportive community
-Accountability through it all
-Access to Nikki for 8 weeks
-Lifetime access


The most popular option and perfect for you if you want the full, supportive community


Enjoy the full Ignite Your Life experience with lifetime access
4x 90-minute personalized 1:1 Psych-K® sessions with Nikki to reprogram your subconscious beliefs. Learn more about
Psych-K® here.


The most transformative option. When you change your beliefs, you change your life.

If you are ready to create a life where you are the leading role, the one who wakes up feeling whole, complete, fulfilled, and alive…

It’s time to become the independent, vibrant woman you know you’re born to be!

Take my hand, I’ll lead the way.


Self-Love Expert, Mindset Mentor and PSYCH-K® Facilitator.
I am here as your biggest supporter to help you access your fullest potential, stepping into your most radiant, confident self, like never before!

I’m on a global mission to help thousands of women break free from their limitations, take happiness into their own hands and transform their lives by transforming the relationship they have with themselves.

At the age of 27, after burning out from the high demands of the luxury super yachting industry, I felt unfulfilled, exhausted and lost. I spent the next three years travelling solo through South East Asia, searching to find myself and what it truly means to live a joyful life.

Completing my yoga teacher training in Australia, meditation teacher training in India, learning about tantra and inner healing in Thailand and self-expression in Bali, my self-love journey changed my life.

Overcoming my own personal struggles of limiting self-belief, negative self-talk, comparison, perfectionism and feeling not good enough, I use my own life experience to create a safe and secure space for my clients to feel supported and understood.

This is what Ignite Your Life is all about. It’s a community of women coming together. It’s about awakening the magic within you. It’s about sparking your soul, fanning your flames, and becoming a woman who says, I love myself, and my life.

If you want to:

 Build self confidence and say what’s on your mind.

 Live an authentic life, letting go of what other’s think of you.

 Love yourself and be proud of the woman you are.

 Feel worthy and deserving of all of your desires…

You have to believe you are good enough…
And I am here to show you that you are.

Ignite Your Life- Stir up your inner self, stroke the flame of your desires, heighten your fulfilment for your own happiness.

Meet yourself, understand yourself and realise that your future is what you create.
You are not a victim of circumstance but the victor of your story.
This course is the catalyst- Ignite the life you want, I did.



This is not just a course, this is a life journey.

It’s a journey I’ve wanted to take and been afraid to embark on purely because I’m a self-assured, single mom, business woman, but there was still this small space in my heart, a yearning to come out and to own the rest of what needed to be owned.

You showed me in a very delicate way how to do this, with the encouragement from the ladies in the group.

Anyone considering signing up with Nikki, and using her as a mentor, you’ve certainly come to the right place in making the best choice of your life.



Ignite Your Life is a course created by Nikki Loots, an absolute extraordinary human being who guided us through the process of self love and opening up to infinite possibilities through self-practice and delving into the deepest part of ourselves.

I did Ignite Your Life with my sister and two of my best friends and as a tribe it was amazing to see the breakthroughs and the transformation. We all really loved it and it really helped us grow together.

This journey through life is so much better with the ones you love, so I would highly recommend doing Ignite Your Life with a friend, sibling or your mom because everyone needs this.

Thank you so much Nikki, it was fantastic.



If you are ready to change your mindset, raise your energy, and transform the relationship you have with yourself so that you feel empowered, complete and whole…

I’d love to walk this journey with you!