How to open yourself up to love like never before.

You’re the woman who has so much to give in a relationship.

You’re independent and ambitious, the perfect fit to be the Queen to your King.

You’re healthy, and happy and together you’ll be able to conquer the world.

You’ve been in past relationships that didn’t work, but now you’re older, wiser and you know exactly what you want.

You want to grow your life with someone. You want to wake up with your best friend every morning. You want candle lit dinners. Cuddles in bed. Romantic getaways. Buying a home together. Starting a family. 

And you want to know how to speed up the process, how to call in this love, and how I went from single and alone to engaged to the man of my dreams – so you can do this too.

And as much of a Power Woman as you already are, there is one big way that you are still blocking LOVE from flowing into your life like the Amazon River.

You’re petrified of rejection.

You see, you have absolute killer confidence, but you’re also afraid of being vulnerable, and afraid of opening up.

You know you’ve got the X-Factor but you’re affraid of showing your soft-side, your kwirky-side or even your insecure-side because what if you show your true self AND YOU GET REJECTED!?

Want to know what I believe?

When it comes to love, the heart knows what is true and real, and what is not, and in order to experience love, you have to be open to receiving love.

  • You have to learn how to be vulnerable.
  • You have to let your guard down.
  • You have to learn that it is safe to be real, to be ALL OF YOU!

Because when you do this, you: 

  • You feel free!
  • You feel alive!
  • You live your truth!
  • You’re empowered!

And this is what allows you to confidently open up, without the fear of how others will receive  you, and this is what’s needed to love with a whole heart!


is the Masterclass where I share how I have dealt with rejection, and the lessons it has taught me: guiding me to find romantic love, start my own successful business, build unwavering self-confidence, and knowing my worth-  allowing me to manifest all my heart’s desires. 

You get to be the strong, independent woman, with your successful career, achieving all your goals… And simultaneously be the feminine, nurturing, soft woman who loves to be loved. 

You get to be vulnerable and emotional, and feel supported by a partner who loves and accepts you, providing the safe, intimate space for you to deepen your personal growth. 

You get to be you, all of you, and know that you’ll never be rejected, but rather loved for your uniqueness.

You will leave this Masterclass feeling empowered and confident, available to open up and be seen, and you’ll know that you deeply deserve love and that you’re ready for it, right now

About Nikki:

Nikki Loots is a success coach for ambitious women who want to you unlock their highest potential and achieve all their desires in love, money and life.

As an expert in mindset, self-love and manifesting, she knows the formula to help you achieve your big goals and manifest even bigger dreams.

Nikki was wired for success and growing up in a high-performance sporting family, excellence was all around her. In everything she did, she always strived to be the best and at the age of 25, after burning out from the high demands of the luxury super yachting industry, she travelled through South East Asia for 3 years searching for balance, clarity and the meaning of life.

She completed her yoga teacher training in Australia, meditation teacher training in India, learned about tantra and inner healing in Thailand and self-expression and expansion in Bali. 

When Nikki discovered the power of the subconscious mind she saw radical shifts in her life and everything drastically changed for her.

She moved from scarcity to abundance. Single to engaged. Self-doubt to self-love and living her dream life.

These days Nikki lives with her Fiance and puppy in their home amongst the vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She mentors ambitious women who want more from life, guiding them how to unlock your fullest potential by finding the missing piece of the puzzle to step up into bigger success than ever before.