VIP 1:1 Ultra High Touch Coaching Program



with Nikki Loots


More love, more fulfilment, more adventure, more peace.
More pleasure, more abundance, more happiness, more fun.
More success, more clarity, more confidence, more time.

And right now you’re so frustrated because you know you’re not born to live a mediocre life, but you’re definitely not living to your fullest potential, and you know it.

You know it’s possible for you to feel empowered, radiant and vibrant, because if other women can feel this, so can you! The only problem is, right now you’re not sure how.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know you need guidance because if you could have done it on your own, you would have done it by now.

So you’re looking for the mentor, the coach, the support to wildly expand into the woman you know you’re meant to be, to be your most confident, self-assured, authentic version of yourself.

And when you do this…
When you become the woman you want to be.
When you become the woman you know you’re born to be,
You know your life is going to drastically improve as you become magnetic to your desires and manifest the life you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Welcome to the

RUBY mentorship

The VIP 1:1 ultra-high-tough coaching program for ambitious women, like you who are ready to wildly expand into the most empowered, radiant and confident version of yourself.

Here is everything
you get to say no to…

  No more living your life on other people’s terms.

  No more trying to fit in or proving yourself to others to be liked and accepted.

  No more self-criticism, unrealistic expectations and judging yourself.

  No more negative self-talk and beating yourself up.

  No more settling for frieånds, partners, careers, habits or environments
that do not serve you or light you up.

  No more comparing yourself to everyone else and thinking you’re not good

  No more emptiness and feeling disconnected from yourself, wishing you felt
more self-secure.

It’s for the woman who…

    …is ready to step into her fullest potential and create an abundant life that she absolutely adores.

    …wants to wake up feeling like she’s living a life of purpose, knowing she’s on the right path, feeling so complete and content, and like nothing is missing from her life.

    … wants to feel in control of her emotions, feeling peaceful, grounded, safe, and complete within herself.

    …is done with playing small, dimming her shine and caring what other people think of her because she is so self-secure, proud of herself and in love with the woman she’s become.

In Ruby we work on 3 pillars


Self-love is the key to living a joyful, fulfilling life and the relationship you have with yourself determines how happy you will feel. In Ruby you will raise your self-worth, boost your confidence, build self-respect and learn to accept, embrace and love all of you. When you change your inner world and feel empowered and abundant from within your entire outer world is going to change to mirror who you are.


What you think you become and in Ruby you’ll radically shift the way you see yourself, life and what’s possible for you. I’ll teach you to shift your perspective, shift from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered and identify your negative, self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that are blocking you so we can change them on a subconscious level to feel unstoppable and free.


Everything is energy, and what you put out is what you draw back in. In Ruby you’re going to become your future you, by choosing to feel abundant, peaceful and whole. If you want to manifest your dream partner, you dream job or your dream home, we’re going back to basics to work on your energy so that you can become an magnet to your desires and start attracting it to you.

Want to BE the woman you’ve been dreaming of, who follows her intuition, feels alive and fulfilled, who knows she deserves an abundant life and who does what makes her happy?

Then make yourself a priority and join me in the



to transform the relationship you have with yourself to radically transform your life.

What’s involved in
the Ruby Mentorship?

12 x 1:1 personalised coaching calls

Every week, we come together for our 1:1 coaching sessions.
This is where we meet openly and honestly to explore what you are feeling and how to make a change. Ask me any questions, share your frustrations and celebrate your successes. Sessions are comprised of reflection, clarity and goal setting, PSYCH-K, accountability, coaching, and mentoring.

Subconscious Belief Reprogramming through Psych-K®

This is the game-changer for lasting change. Through PSYCH-K® we reprogram your limiting beliefs on a subconscious level and rewrite the software of your mind to change the printout of your life.

The process of a PSYCH-K® session is:
1. Identify what limiting beliefs you have been carrying for your entire life which are keeping you stuck.
2. Formulate and create empowering statements that you desire to believe, which will assist in creating your abundant, fulfilling future life.
3. Program your subconscious mind with these new statements to become your new beliefs, within minutes.

Customized worksheets

This is where the realisations happen. You will receive exercises leading you deeper on your self-discovery path. This is the process of journeying inwards, coming back home to your truth. The answers to all the questions you have are already inside of you and these worksheets and exercises guide you towards self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Weekly Check-In Emails for 3 months

Every Monday you will receive a weekly check-in and reflection worksheet to track your progress and growth.

Personalized homework to take inspired action

Think of this as the comfort zone stretch. Together we discover where you want to be and what you need to do to get it. I am your coach, guiding and giving you action steps to take towards your transformational growth as well as your cheerleader cheering you on!.

WhatsApp support for 3 months

Between our coaching sessions, if you need support guiding you through fears or blocks, inspiration, accountability to take action, or want to share your successes and big wins, I am here for you! Contact me between business hours and I’m right there on the other side of the phone.

Access to Ignite Your Life for 3 months

The heart-centered self-love course guiding you to transform the relationship you have with yourself, making you feel free, abundant and filled with love- like never before. This 8 week program guides you through the same steps I took to take happiness into my own hands, feeling empowered, and radiant from within.

Access to Ignite Your Life Kick- Starter Mini-Course for 3 months

The mini-course to give you the kick-start you need to start living your best life. Recorded at a live event, the kick-starter mini course will help you connect to your inner power, feel inspired, excited and ready to take action in creating a new, purposeful life.

Access to Be Your Own Hero for 3 months

The 6 month program to become the most powerful woman you know. This program is not only about self love, Be Your Own Hero helps you gain clarity on what you really want from life and how to get it. Learn about mindset, manifesting and how to take action to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Access to Attracting Love for 3 months

The accelerated program to become magnetic to love and ready to manifest your dream partner. This program teaches you the groundbreaking principles I used to go from single to engaged to the man of my dreams.

Access to the Monthly Membership for 3 months

Bonus videos and trainings on confidence, balance, passion, letting go, celebration and new beginnings. Access over 20 hours of bonus trainings ready to watch right away.

Ready to transform the relationship you
have with yourself and transform your life?

Let’s connect on a discovery call to see if we are a perfect match together.

I decided to work with Nikki to empower myself, gain a deep sense of self-confidence and knowing of oneself.
With the guidance and support of Nikki, I began to see successful results over the course of a year. I gained increased awareness, confidence, deep self-worth and opened to love, meeting my new partner.

The Ruby Mentorship and the Psych-K® process helped me reprogram self-limiting beliefs, breaking barriers of old thinking patterns that held me back, and it opened me up to my own truth and deepened my self-worth and confidence.

What I loved most about working with Nikki is her positive energy, bubbly personality, her enthusiasm, and love for life. She has an amazing ability to put things into perspective, and her authenticity and passion for what she does shines through in every session.

I loved working with Nikki, she ensures you receive the results you desire. I would absolutely recommend her as a coach to others.

– Asenath V

The Ruby 1:1 coaching programme was just what I needed at a time where I was redefining the woman I wanted to become.

With Nikki’s guidance, I quickly realized that this process was one where I needed to peel back the layers one by one. I rebuilt my foundation, and I absolutely embraced the process, made it my own, and have taken away so many lessons, nuggets, and tools to implement daily.

I have learned that I get to make a choice – A choice to wake up happy, a choice to be in a good mood.
Nikki has really been instrumental in my transformation to love myself, my body, my surroundings and be grateful for everything I have every day. My negative self-talk faded and I am able to catch my thoughts, observe them, and make better decisions to change how and what I think.I have learned how to let go, surrender, and become one with life.

Nikki’s high vibe energy is palpable through the screen and we have shared tears, as well as running around the table out of pure joy.

Thank you Nikki, you are an amazing coach and a wonderful, kind, and caring soul. I am so grateful that you have been witness to my transformation and part of my journey.

– Nicola K

Before working with NikkiI I felt blocked, lost, overwhelmed and directionless, I knew what I wanted out of life but I had no idea how to get there.

I was listing homes as an estate agent at R2 million. There was no structure in my work and life balance and I was going through life not really getting any further in my success. Today, I am listing homes at R120 million and R240 million and my life is so full and abundant.

I wanted a life of luxury, beauty and joy, and I for things to be easy and fun. Thanks to the inner work I have done with Nikki of reconditioning my beliefs that I deserve this level of success- this is exactly what I have now.

My life looks so different to what it was a year or two ago before I started working with Nikki.

I get invited to VIP Polo days, luxury hotel dinners, private yacht cruises, enjoying international travels, and I’m presented with luxury sales opportunities.

I never ever thought that this could be my life and it’s all because of the work we did of altering my beliefs. What you believe is what life is going to deliver and I am so excited because I have seen that this actually works and that the power is within me to have the life that I want.

When I finish a call with Nikki I feel like a superhuman, I am always joyful and I leave knowing that I’m able to achieve absolutely anything and that everything is possible.

– Cathryn N

How is the Ruby Mentorship different from other self-love or life coaching programs?

Not only is Ruby unique to your personalised journey, creating a safe space for your transformation and adapted to what you need most, in Ruby I help you uncover what is blocking you from your greatness, when you don’t even know this yourself.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and what you you believe, you become!

Many coaches work with the conscious mind, where you’ll learn inspiring affirmations and positive self-talk, but that only helps… to a point.

Together, in Ruby, we take things to the next level.

If you didn’t know this already, 95% of the time you are operating from your subconscious mind and whatever beliefs are programmed in the subconscious are literally creating your life.

If you have positive, inspiring and empowering beliefs, your goals are achieved effortlessly, things come to you smoothly and, life feels easy, safe and fun. When you have negative and limiting beliefs, this is where it all feels like a struggle.

When you feel like you’re not living to your fullest potential, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s your limiting beliefs that do not support your desires that are holding you back.

What if you could quickly and painlessly change your self-limiting beliefs to believing you are capable, deserving and worthy of having it all? What if you could change these negative beliefs that are blocking you from achieving the goals you’ve been working so hard for, for so long?


Well You can.


Together, in Ruby we work on the subconscious mind and as we change your beliefs, you change your life. Imagine identifying the self-sabotaging beliefs you’ve been holding onto for years, and removing and replacing them with your dream desires,
within in minutes!

That’s all possible in the Ruby Mentorship


A self-love expert and mindset mentor empowering you to access your fullest potential, stepping into radiance and confidence like never before!
I’m on a global mission to help thousands of women break free from their limitations, take happiness into their own hands and transform their lives by transforming the relationship they have with themselves.

Growing up in a high-performance sporting family, excellence became my minimum expectation and the need for external validation consumed me as I strived to be the best in everything I did.

At the age of 27, after burning out from the high demands of the luxury super yachting industry, I felt unfulfilled, exhausted and lost. I spent the next three years travelling solo through South East Asia, searching to find myself and what it truly means to feel joy, balanced, and living a purposeful life.

Completing my yoga teacher training in Australia, meditation teacher training in India, learning about tantra and inner healing in Thailand and self-expression and expansion in Bali, my self-love journey changed my life. Overcoming my own personal struggles of limiting self-belief, negative self-talk, comparison, perfectionism and feeling not good enough, I use my own life experience to create a safe and secure space for my clients to feel understood.

These days I live with my Fiancé and fur-baby, Ruby in our home amongst the vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I mentor ambitious women who want more from life, guiding them how to unlock their highest potential, connecting to their inner-power and creating a fulfilling life they absolutely adore.

Wow, what an incredible journey – in the last 6 months I’ve basically become a different person as I’ve reached another level of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence and self-worth – This course was my best investment in 2022.

Thanks to Nikki I have found so much inner connection with myself, so much inner love and peace. I learned about the power of manifestation that I was not aware of before, and it just works. I especially remember signing two new clients in one day, while getting two speaking requests the same day, out of nowhere – just by manifesting it and being in the right energy space.

The program is very comprehensive and at the same time very profound in helping to figure out where you are at the moment, where you want to go and who you want to be, what is holding you back, and everything to close that gap and finding the balance and anchoring it in the long run.

Bottom line, thanks to Nikki’s work, I was able to finish my Ph.D. with ease, say goodbye to the corporate world and start my own business, which is not an easy step, but has so much to do with self-love and self-confidence. I highly recommend working with Nikki so you can unleash your potential in this direction. Nikki’s work is so important because self-love is the cornerstone of all happiness, freedom, and wealth. She is an amazing coach with such good energy and she puts her whole heart into her work and that is just inspiring.

– Jana R

I worked with Nikki when I was going through a lot of change in my life specifically changes to do with my health. These changes made me feel like I had lost myself and been disconnected from who I was outside of my career- I really didn’t know who I was anymore.

I have worked in the super yachting industry for six years, and I’m currently a Chief Stewardess/ Purser on board. It’s a very demanding job where we operate continuously at a fast pace and under a lot of pressure. My team commented that I am now super calm and look so empowered and able to cope with everything that is going on at work.

Nikki’s passion for her work and joy for life really shines through. She always listens with compassion and guided me to find solutions to my everyday challenges, as well as gave me usable tools to help me through. Nikki thank you for shining your light and sharing your love.

Through this program, the foundations have been laid for a lifelong journey of self discovery, acceptance, love and ultimately what I believe is going to be self-fulfilment. I found this program to be absolutely invaluable on my journey towards self growth, and it’s a privilege to work with someone so genuine and passionate.

– Nicole C

Working with Nikki over six months has been absolutely amazing.
She has an infectious energy which makes you feel immediately comfortable while at the same time challenging you to dive deeper into your unconscious beliefs.

Initially I was unsure if this was the journey that I needed to take, but from the very first call it was evident that it was the best decision I could have made. I immediately started feeling shifts in my beliefs, and started seeing my life change in ways I never thought possible.

I started connecting better with people, I started feeling happy for no reason, I started feeling more content in the present moment, and developed feelings of greater self confidence and self worth.

Nikki is a brilliant coach. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone who is wanting to improve the relationship with themselves. She listens, understands and helps create actionable steps which immediately have a positive impact on your life. I can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed!

-Robbin A


In 2021 I was sitting with my Fiancé, Marc (he was still my boyfriend back then) and I said to him “ I really want a puppy!” .

I had been researching dogs and my heart was set on an Irish Setter, with thier high energy temperament, tall, long legs, and smooth, red coat.

Being such a rare breed in South Africa, I phoned the only two breederes in the country and they both said I could be put on the waiting list, and I’d be able to get a puppy in TWO YEARS!

I was not happy, and my instant gratification mind wanted to pick her up in a few months, but I released the time line and was so excited that ONE DAY I’d have my dream dog.

This didn’t deter me from manifesting my dog, and I started to follow my manifesting process, and it worked like a dream!

I took screen shots of Irish Setters off Pintrest, saved them as my phone screen saver, I looked at this beautiful dog daily, and I decided to name her Ruby.

I started living as though she already existed and I took Ruby for walks, on her invisibile lead. Even in winter, when it was raining outside, I braved the cold, because if she was really real, that’s the life I would be living. I opened the back door of my car so she could jump off the seat and even though there was no real dog, it started to feel real as though she existed! I shifted from feeling lack and needing Ruby, to feeling abundant and whole without her.

A few months later, as I was talking to Ruby on a walk, saying “Mommy is coming for you soon” I felt a deep warmth and connection to something… I thought, maybe a doggie soul???

I went back home, phoned the breeder and she announced they had just had puppies!


In the meantime, we moved into our dream apartment, which strictly said “no pets”, I even asked a second time, are you suuuure no dogs? The answer was no, but because this apartment was so amazing, we accepted.

All the evidence was highlighting the impossibilities of having a dog now…
We stayed in a luxurious estate, with a no-dog policy and I was on a two year waiting list.

But… very quickly, everything changed and aligned for me.

1.) The breeder explained that she had lost her puppy-owner-booklet and she had one female pup left to find a forever home, so if I wanted her, she was mine!

2.) When I heard this news my mouth fell to the floor! I emailed the estate agent, who spoke to the landlord, and after originally saying no dogs, this time he said yes!

3.) We needed to get permission from the body corporate, who were extremely strict (they denied my sister’s request to have dog in the past) but I handed in my application and in 24 hours it was approved!

So much could have happened
to prevent me from manifesting

The breeder sould have said no.
The landlord could have said no.
The body corporate could have said no.

For me, Ruby was a miracle and I collapsed time from 2 years to six months. Ruby is my reminder that it is not our job to know how or when our manifestations will happen, it’s our job to know it will happen and to start living in gratitude as though it’s already real!

That is why I call my VIP 1:1 coaching the Ruby Mentorship, because in Ruby you learn how to build self-belief, dream bigger, know without a doubt that your desires are going to unfold, and you learn how to change your mindset, raise your energy, and become your future you.

As a result, you create the life you absolutely adore and you feel fulfilled, abundant, happy and complete.

Ruby Mentorship is for you if:

  You are ready to create a deep connection with yourself, get to know who you really are, love and accept who you are and feel whole, complete and secure form within.

  You want to build self-belief and confidence, and turn your vision board into your reality, finally achieving the desires deeply etched in your heart.

  You want to create a life of freedom and abundance where you feel powerful, energized, happy and at peace.

  You are committed to make a change, roll up your sleeves, get out the comfort zone, dream bigger, take more actions, and step into a new, upgraded version of yourself.

When I started working with Nikki not only did I have a lot of personal stuff going on in my life, which she really helped me work through, I also had a beautiful new big idea of how I wanted to expand my business.

My dream was to create a full two-day design workshop for female creatives to teach them how to craft their skill and create products and ideas, following their heart & doing work with a purpose.

As a female entrepreneur I felt nervous thinking so big, and I was worried that no-one would sign up & that people won’t be able to afford it.

During our calls Nikki helped me work through all my blocks and limiting subconscious beliefs so that I could start believing that my ideas would work, that I would book out sales, that I would be successful… And today I am.

After working with Nikki, I completely shifted the way I run my business, I have hosted more than 17 successful, intensive 2-day graphic design workshops, including an international workshop in Amsterdam and I have worked with over 200 women to craft their skill.

Nikki helped me turn my small idea into reality and it has changed the entire course of my career and my work. Working with Nikki is so amazing, she is such an inspiration & her positivity radiates so much joy. Thanks for your beautiful heart!

– Mariaan B

I met Nikki during a time that I was feeling quite low- a bit lost in which direction I was headed, insecure about my career choices and just in need of a little grounding.

Deciding to work with Nikki was the best decision I could have made- investing in yourself should be a number one priority! Nikki helped me to focus not on what I don’t have, but on what I do!

Nikki has such a wonderful, bubbly personality that you can’t help but to feel empowered to take charge of your life when finishing a call with her!
If you are on the fence as to whether you need a mindset mentor- do it!
You have so much to gain from an open mind!

– Samantha D

Whether you feel like your life is actually pretty good; you’ve got the thriving career or the loving partner – but something still feels off, out of alignment, like you ‘should be happier’ – but you’re not.

Or whether you have totally lost your confidence, feeling uncertain, unfulfilled and want to reconnect to the powerful woman you know you’re ment to be…

Ruby Mentorship is going to help you unlock your potential, transform the relationship with yourself, and transform your life.

Let’s connect on a discovery call to see if we are a
perfect match together in Ruby Mentorship