Now that you have defined what you desire, and why you want what you want, let’s ask some more questions to allow you to deepen the relationship with yourself as you get to know yourself more.


What do you crave on a daily basis? What do you crave when you’re in a really good space? What do you crave when you’re in a not-so-good space? Looking at your cravings can tell you a lot about yourself, especially if you ask yourself why do I crave what I crave? What does my soul love… or, what am I avoiding. Without judgement can you identify what you crave?


What is your heart calling for? Do you have a desire inside of you that you’re not sure how it can ever unfold or how it will take shape? Is there something you deeply want to experience but you have not experienced it yet? Do you have gifts you wish to share with the world? Write it all down and unpack what the most empowered, aligned version of yourself does in a dream world if she really could have it all. 


What are you curious about? What lights you up? If the mere thought of something makes you excited… This needs to be looked at and given some attention. If you do not hold back and if you had all the time and resources in the world, what intrigues you and what would you like to learn more about?