In order to create a life you absolutely adore and in order to become the most radiant version of yourself, you need to understand what your values are and what is important to you as well as what your principles and non-negotiables are so you can live an authentic life.

If you’re not clear on what you stand for, you can not live a life that reflects what is important to you. When you become clear of your values and live according to them, you will feel aligned and alive.

Knowing your values also helps you to make decisions about what friends, relationships, experiences and career to choose and when you make choices based on your values, it feels right.

In this value exercise, list all the values that you stand for such as:








There is NO right set of values – only what is true for YOU!

This exercise is an opportunity for you to jot down all – and I mean all – the words that come to mind when you think about what you stand for.

Then, I want you to select three words from this list. Only three. These are your 3-core values.

After this, I want you to get clear on your principles and non-negotiables. What is a HELL-NO for you and what is a HELL-YES!? Start getting clear on what’s important to you, so you can live your life staying true to who you are.