A morning routine is so important and sets the tone for the day. Whether or not you have a morning routine in place, it’s time to refine and ask yourself what is best for you. The importance of our morning routine is to find our centre before the day starts and to get clear on our vision and intention for the day. 

“You win the first hour of the day, you win the day!”

-Jim Kwik 

In this video, I give some of my suggestions of what may help you start your day right, but ultimately it is your decision what to include in your routine and what you need every day.

This video focuses on a morning routine solely for your mind and emotions… all about connecting inward and finding your calm. Feel free to add extra exercises and habits such as drinking lemon water, oil pulling, exercise etc (more on these health tips later) but most importantly start the day with some quiet time with yourself. 

P.S. The biggest win is not creating your dream morning routine, it is sticking to it. 

So, respect and love yourself enough to prioritise yourself!