No matter how much you have been hurt in the past if you cannot forgive and if you are still holding onto these experiences, you will continue to carry this around with you. Forgiveness is the tool that sets you free. Forgiveness is the tool that allows the past to lose it’s power over you.

Forgiveness is for our own growth and happiness. When you hold on to hurt, pain, resentment, and anger it harms you far more than it harms the offender. When you forgive, you free yourself to live in the present moment, and the present moment is where we find peace, joy and happiness.

We don’t forgive to help the other person. We don’t forgive for others. We forgive for ourselves.”

Desmond Tutu

Are you ready to finally free yourself and allow yourself to move forward without the pain from the past? This video explains why it is so important to forgive and the exercises in the workbook will help you through your forgiveness process.