Now that you’ve created space and released what is not serving you any longer, it’s time to call in new energy and a higher vibration. If you want to shift it (your energy) you’ve got to shake it. This is your opportunity to move from being serious and analysing your life, to being child-like, playful and following the fun.

The more you move from your head space to your heart space, the more you are living in alignment and the more you are present in the moment- and remember the present moment is where all the magic happens and where you are your most peaceful, whole, authentic self. 

Dancing is one of the best ways to instil and install new positive, creative, capable and strong feelings into your body, mind, heart and soul so create your own empowering playlist and dance every day if you can.

Once again, you are dancing for you. To make you feel alive. To make you feel joyful.

After you have danced, sit down and journal how it felt to listen to your body and move in a way that felt good to you. 

Have fun, you deserve it. 

Here are some of my favourite songs that get me going.

Earth Groove- Vijay & Sofia Zlatko

Baby- Bakermat

Fill Me In- Loud Luxury, Ryan Shepherd

Turning Me Up- Issam Alnajjar, Loud Luxury, Ali Gatie

I gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

Island in the Sun- Gamper & Dadoni, Conor Byre

Seve- Tez Cadey

Unicorns- Crimson House

Osama- Zakes Bantwini, Kasango

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