It’s time to create new habits and rituals in your life.

If you want to become more powerful, successful and accomplished, you have to start creating habits that align with this new version of yourself.

When you have habitual behaviours playing on autopilot, it actually frees up your energy as you do not need to focus on the tasks you need to accomplish, you just do it, naturally.

To create a habit takes time though and it requires dedication and commitment. So how do you create a habit?

  • 1. First, develop clarity and set an intention of what you want to create.

  • 2. Start small. Creating new actions is a challenge in itself, so pick a small habit to work on and then increase as it gets easier.

  • 3. Focus on routine. What you repeatedly do, you get good at. Set your alarm, and day after day perform your new actions at the same time. First, we make our habits, then our habits make us!

  • 4. Reward your desired behaviour. Make sure you celebrate yourself when you stick to your rituals so that it encourages you to keep on going. Creating a new habit needs to feel good and easy, instead of a chore and hard work, otherwise, you will not stick to it.

  • 5. Journal about your experience. Reflect on your day and journal how you felt when you stuck to your intention, what you struggled with and how you can improve tomorrow.

Only you know what YOU want to accomplish, so get clear on what habits you want to create, and do it.